Black Sesame Seeds:

Krishna Industries brings for you completely cleaned Black Sesame Seeds. The main and prime purpose of Black Sesame Seeds is they are used for remedial reason and toppings and for flavor on a variety of products of bakery.

black sesame seeds

In Japan they are popular and well recognized as Kura Goma.
Black sesame seeds carry numerous of medicinal qualities and it is therefore advised to take them either raw or else by roasting them. Black sesame seeds oil is in use to heal some of the familiar human diseases.

The black sesame seeds which are made available by Krishna Industries are carefully cleaned up.

Qualities of black sesame seeds:

  • The best quality of black sesame seeds is that they are powerfully regarded
  • Black sesame seeds are added in several of plates, salads as well as for toppings
  • An enormously noteworthy quality’s of a raw or roasted or black sesame oil is that it has healing remedial properties which can be highly useful for curing human sickness.
  • You can spray black sesame seeds on several of food items that are rice, noodles, vegetables etc
  • They have a crazy flavor

    Black sesame seeds are highly rich in:
  • Rich in calcium
  • Rich in Protein
  • Rich in B-Vitamins
  • Rich in Copper
  • Rich in Iron
  • Rich in Manganese

Black sesame seeds an also be used in place of the nuts in pie crusts. Moreover it can be adorned on a variety of starter dishes or as crispy coating on a variety of eatables.

Krishna Industries unrefined Black Sesame Seeds are highly rich in taste n comparing to that of white sesame seeds. Black sesame seeds are widely used in making fish, divers salads, breads, and sauces. It is an important part in Asian food items as well. These black sesame seeds are unhulled.

Krishna India is the leading Black sesame seeds suppliers that are extremely pure. Black sesame seeds suppliers of black sesame seeds are widely used for culinary as well as medicinal purposes. These seeds are in massive demand in the national market owing to their high nutritional contents. Where Purity Is The Governing Factor. We are regarded as one of the prime Manufacturers and Suppliers of Black Sesame Seeds in India.

Black sesame seeds suppliers demand for the seed is huge due its flavorful and stronger aroma than white sesame seeds or brown sesame seeds. Toasting black sesame seeds releases advantageous chemicals as well as enhancing the aroma. Black sesame seeds are wealthy in fatty oil. Oil content is high, between 40% and 60%. The oil has a unique flavor, and is rich in antioxidants which give it a long shelf life. The seeds also enjoy a long shelf life and resist rancidity.

We have huge stock of black sesame seeds and regular supply of seeds to clients makes us the best black sesame seeds suppliers. Krishna India Black sesame seeds suppliers supplying sesame seeds for medical. We supply wide range of sesame like sesamum indicum, black sesame seeds, natural brown sesame, natural sesame seeds, hulled sesame, peeled sesame and ajonjoli semillas.


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