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We welcome you with full warmth at Buckwheat Hull India, one of the largest suppliers of buckwheat hulls that are grown in India.

buckwheat hulls by Krishna india

Krishna India buckwheat hulls are widely used as a filling for numerous of products comprising:

  • For making cushions for meditation purpose
  • Pillows for a relax sleep
  • Beanbags for schools
  • Various of craft activities

 If any of the visitors of our website are in search for a natural filling consists of Indian touch for your next coming venture, you have come absolutely at the right place.

Buckwheat Hulls a short explanation

Buckwheat hulls are actually the outcome of buckwheat Hulls milling. With the name, buckwheat hulls they must not at all be related to wheat on the contrary can be related to sorrels, knotweeds and rhubarb. The buckwheat hulls are actually an alternate natural filling to feathers, foam and are used widely for an assortment of upholstered goods.

The best feature of Buckwheat hulls is that they do not perform or replicate heat and are extremely very enduring which makes them a great feeling for cushions, pillows and several other craft activities.

Buckwheat hulls are also popular and well recognized as husks. They are used in pillows which provide a relaxing sleep; it works for lumbar supports, beds for pets, and several other goods that would typically use cotton batting or an additional toxin laden material. Many of the people have declared that Buckwheat hulls are quite far superior to many of the handmade fillings.

Buckwheat hulls are although costly in comparison to the feather and foam pillows but what makes them economic is there long lasting nature.

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