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Krishna India Industry is India’s one of the largest desiccated coconut powder manufacturer in India. Krishna India Industry is well known for its best quality products as well enormous quantities that our industry manufactures and supply close by and nationwide. We firmly believe in accurate and prompt delivery. The processing, hygienically packaging and harmonization has assisted us to uphold opportune delivery, in agreement with the specified norms. Our industry only manufactures desiccated coconut powder of best grade. Our high quality desiccated coconut powder is naturally sweet, has a nutty flavor and a crunchy consistency. We only manufacture bacteria free and white in colour desiccated coconut powder. Desiccated coconut powder is widely in use in the Bakery products. Desiccated coconut powder can also be used for making desserts or can add to curries as well as in chutneys. Look for coconut powder in stores that carry Indian foods. We supply coconut milk powder which is available in different packed size. It is rich is taste and contain appropriate amount of fats. Our coconut milk powder is widely used in various culinary requirements. Krishna India Industry desiccated coconut powder is of high and best quality and is securely packed in such a way so that desiccated coconut powder stay free from all sorts of impurities and are safe from smog.

Safety indicators:

 Salmonella   Absent in 25 g
Coliforms  Absent in 0,01 g
Moulds, CFU/g less than 100
 Pb, mg/kg less than 0,5
 As, mg/kg less than 0,3
 Cd, mg/kg   less than 0,1
 Hg, mg/kg   less than 0,05
 HCH (a, b, g - isomers), mg/kg   0,5
DDT & metabolites, mg/kg less than 0,15
Aflatoxin B1, mg/kg less than 0,005
 SO2 (Е220), g/kg   less than 50
 The specific activity of Cs-137, Bq/kg   less than 370

Dessicated Coconut Powder

Fat content 65 to 70%
  Free fatty acid   0. 50 % maximum
 Fine Grade , Medium Grade  available
Moisture  13 % maximum
Yeast   less than 10 per gram
Mold  less than 10 per gram
Escherichia coli (MPN)  Zero per gram
Salmonella Absent in 25 grams 
Sulfur dioxide (so2)   Not detected
Ph  6. 85
Color  White
Flavor Normal 

Shipping terms:

Packing As per buyer requirements25
Load ability 12. 50 mt

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