Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds

Krishna Industry is proud to introduce itself as a top leading Manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of Fenugreek seeds. Krishna Industry is set up in the desert city of Rajasthan i.e. Bikaner. Company is an ISO 22000 and HACCAP certified company. Krishna Industry belongs to the family that is involved in trading of agriculture goods since 1910.

The fenugreek seeds are gaining popularity these days all across the globe. The fenugreek seeds are hulled by newest technology machines, origin India seen last 40 years.

Fenugreek seeds are becoming more popular not only worldwide but also are popular in India too. At Krishna Industry we are introducing several high-qualities fenugreek Seedinto the Indian marketplace, spotlighting on flavor, quality and longer shelf life.

We at Krishna Industry are processor of fenugreek seeds are used for several of gravies as well flavorings agent for food. Also used in bakery industries. It is unsalted, un-roasted, hulled watermelon seeds from India. We are also processor of de-hulled sesame seeds. Krishna Industry is highly interested in dealing with all our esteemed clients for our fenugreek seeds product. The trust and interest you have keep with us, have created blood brother affection.  You may drop us an e-mail or else give us a call, we are interested to exports our product through you in your regions.

Krishna Industry has embarked itself in explore manufacture, processing, advertising, and worldwide trade of fenugreek seeds. Our prime area of concern is fenugreek seeds, water melon seeds, sesame seeds, muskmelon seeds, buckwheat hulls and with combined exertions we have made noteworthy accomplishments in the complete vegetable market.

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Location F-103, Bichwal Industrial Area, Bikaner, Rajasthan (India)

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