Hulled Sesame Seeds

Mechanically Hulled Sesame Seeds are regarded as the most nourishing seeds reason for being rich in protein and valuable minerals.

They are called as hulled sesame seeds because the husk hull i.e. skin of these seeds are removed.

Before to hulling procedure, these sesame seeds are carefully cleaned. Hulled Sesame Seeds are comparatively softer as well appetizing as compared to that Natural Sesame Seeds.

Machineries used by Krishna Industries for various procedures for instance cleaning, hulling, drying, color-sorting, and so on., are modern and ultra-modern. Hulled Sesame Seeds are processed in complete germ - free and in complete hygienic conditions. Our hulled sesame seeds are processed and re-cleaned in such a way that it’s inherent richness, nutrition’s and savors stays in one piece and unharmed.

Krishna Industries hulled sesame seeds are produced in a way that its unique white color is maintained still after it is baked. Hulled Sesame Seeds are sprayed on breads as well.

Our company’s experience of more than several of past years in sesame business makes us proficient of consistent deliver, steady superiority development and upgradation. Our highly advanced technical proficiency and ultra-modern manufacturing facilities facilitate us to make finest grade hulled sesame seed goods. One of our vital value added services is that we direct our esteemed consumers together with the time frame to make the purchase so that you obtain utmost advantages from the speculative commodity marketplace.

Krishna Industries provide the best potential sesame seeds, sesame powder, sesame paste, sesame oil and several other sesame goods at the best possible lowest price. Our company’s quality trademarks have built assurance and confidence of our esteemed clients universally for our best quality goods and punctual services

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