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Krishna India Industry is one of the most trusted ad prominent turmeric suppliers. We are well known for the purity of supplying turmeric to our buyers. Krishna India Industry has given maximum significance in supplying our consumers with the best and top quality of turmeric, which is possible only with appropriate equipment as well, manpower. The turmeric that our industry supplies is picked from well reputed vendors and then processed in a disinfected way as adequate equipment is obtainable to gratify the requirements of processing. Our supplied turmeric has found encouraging retort in main marketplaces, as we have established ourselves as a favored resource of best quality Turmeric. Krishna India Industry is ready for any volume of supply that can be directly used for utilization. Our wide range is extensively appreciated all athwart India for high nutritional value and several of medicinal properties. Additionally, to promise originality, fragrance, color and cleanliness, we also rigorously test our spices on firm strictures.

Grade specifications

Grade designations and definitions of quality of Turmeric Finger :

Special Characteristics

Grade DesignationFlexibility*pieces % by weight (max)Foreig n % by weight ( max)Chura and defective bulbs % by weight(ma x)%of bulbs by weigh t (max)Admixtur e varieties of turmeric (%)
Special Should be hard to touch and break with metallic twang 2 1.0 0.5 2.0 -
Rajapore Special - 3 1.0 3.0 2.0 2.0
Allepey good Should be hard to touch 5 1.0 3.0 4.0 -

* Pieces are fingers, broken or whole, 15 mm. Or less in length. Grade designation and definition of quality of Turmeric Ground :

Special Characteristics

Grade DesignationMoisture % by weight (max)Total ash % by weight (max)Lead as (Pb) parts per million (max)Starc h % by weigh t (max)Chromat e testAcid insolubl e ash, % by weight (max)
Standard 10.0 7.0 2.5 60.0 Negativ e 2.5

Per Capita Consumption

After allowing for exports, the per capita consumption works out to about 300-320g head per year, barring small quantities used for medical, cosmetic and religious purposes.

Tracing Turmeric

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